Since performing his awe-inspiring and record-breaking ’52 impressions in 5 minutes’ routine in 2009, Anil Desai has spent the last 6 years performing across the UK (Opening and Headlining for numerous promoters, clubs and shows) and around the world, becoming one of the best impressionist comedians to emerge from the UK performing on the international circuit.

Anil Desai’s unique brand of feel good, energetic, stand-up comedy is based on his real life stories, experiences and observations – at times dry, occasionally sarcastic, but with genuine honesty and an optimistic wisdom, from his love of movies, and film-stars to his everyday life, global travels, relationships and the ever changing state of the world and it’s cultures.

His sets are fused with a who’s who of amazing impressions, international accents and every day characters as he twists, turns and transforms himself into our favourite movie stars & celebrities with dynamic speed and lovable charm creating hilariously entertaining results and being one of the most adaptable comics in the industry.

Doors open 8pm

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